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06/10/2021 - 20/10/2021    

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for October 2021 Horst Grunz plan a cruise and workshop to Aldabra (see below). He has an offer from a local cruise ship organizer in Victoria, Seyelles.

Together with a professional photographer he indend to act as lecturer.He will teach as supervisor for night dives with fluorescence (also biology and evolutionary biology).

Horst Grunz: It is well known that Aldabra is the only place worldwide where endemic tortoises besides Galapagos are living. Aldabra is the world largest atoll with a considerable land mass. Otherwise the large number of giant tortoises could not survive. But not only this fact is breathtaking. Divers can participate in outstanding dives including stream diving in the channels.

But also the travel price is “outstanding”. Nevertheless members of the community would be interested and willing to pay such relative high price.

On the other hand this cruise would be a life time experience. Not only for divers, but also for people with interest in evolutionary biology (my scientific field).

The journey is of interest for highly motivated divers, but also for non divers (endemic tortoises, birds etc. on the land; persons, who are interested in professional photography.

I myself have now around 300 dives with underwater fluorescence. I constructed and tested the first underwater HighPower fluorescence torch worldwide in 2007.

I will bring several fluorescene torches with me, but it would be great if several divers would have their own stuff.  Of course they should bring with them their own camera equipment (especially also the special yellow barrier filter for their camera).

In any case interested persons should contact me in advance:

You can meet me on the BOOT 2020, Düsseldorf on Wednesday, at the TillyTec booth.

For 2021 the pricing for Aldabra is $13,112 for the Commander cabin and $12,285 for the Explorer cabin. Conservation fee of $950 is additional for each passenger.

Location/Ort/PLZ: Aldabra Archipel, äußere Seychellen
Adresse: Maya’s Dugong
Land: Seychellen


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